I was introduced to CrossFit Oconee by a classmate named Lauren McCaleb and I am grateful for having the opportunity to join because of her every day I step foot into the gym.  When I first joined the gym for a trial run, I was unable to do almost all the movements, such as squatting down to a 30-inch box. At the end of my first day, the regular members started to show up for the 4:30 pm class and they all introduced themselves to me and cheered me on through the last little bit I was doing. Even though I was unable to do the movements at the time, I fell in love with the people and the coaches of the gym and how they were all extremely supportive of each other and I could tell after the first trial day that I found my place. Since then, I have been able to do most movements except for pull-ups (It’s my current goal and I can’t wait to get back in the gym to work on it some more!). Even though I have a long way to go, I am now at one of my healthiest states I have been in, not only physically, but mentally as well. Finding CrossFit Oconee made me go from someone who got tired walking to the end of my driveway to someone who has participated in 4 separate CrossFit Opens and who looks forward to going to the gym each day.
I started Crossfit to try and find a way to accelerate my fitness which would therefore make me a stronger cyclist. In a nutshell it worked. When thinking about riding a bike, you don’t see all the mechanics involved, especially in the realm of mountain biking where you are constantly pushing and pulling on the handles bars and your legs are required to do much more than pedal as you tend to be in a crouching position as you navigate the trail features. Overtime, I have found that functional movements of Crossfit translates very closely to mountain biking. In measurable facts, Crossfit is the only exercise that matches the max heart rate ranges as mountain biking. Overhead moves have improved my shoulder strength and mobility. The squats, lunges and box step ups have done wonders for my pedal stroke and my pelvic girdle mobility adds a level of nuisance to bike control that’s been a game changer this year. I think the biggest unforeseen change in my cycling is I am now riding in a much more balanced, powerful and attacking style which is FUN!! Crossfit definitely will stay a big part of my life.
I began CrossFit in November of 2015 and haven’t looked back. From the first day that I walked into CrossFit Oconee I knew I had found the right place for me.

As a Physical Therapist Assistant in the community I realize the importance of what I call “training to age.” I know and see first hand how important it is to maintain an active lifestyle in order to stay healthy and functionally independent throughout ones lifespan. Not only is staying active as I age important to me, but I feel it is important to be an example to my children. I want them to know being and staying healthy takes dedication and commitment.

Growing up I participated in high school sports, became a walk-on for the UGA women’s track team, and later in life participated in a local boot camp which lead to distance running and triathlons.

At the time I joined Crossfit I was 37 and looking for my next challenge. Crossfit has provided just that and then some!

The constantly varied programming encompassing strength training, aerobic conditioning while incorporating gymnastic movements challenges my personal skill level on a daily basis. I have also noticed I no longer suffer from old nagging running injuries that would bother me from time to time.
Since Crossfit uses objective data for scoring workouts I am able to measure my personal fitness and strength gains over time and across individual workouts. This allows me to continually set new goals for myself. I love always having something to work towards!!

One of the most important things I’ve learned through my Crossfit experience is that nutrition is the most essential component to living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to individualized nutrition coaching, I’ve developed the mindset and understanding that food is fuel for your body. Eating the proper amounts of proteins, carbs and fats will improve physical performance and provide me with the energy I need to feel good throughout the day. This perspective creates a more positive relationship with eating and making optimal food choices as opposed to restricted dieting.

Although Crossfit has helped me improve my overall fitness level, strength and nutrition, what I am most thankful for is not what Crossfit has helped me achieve personally, but what Crossfit OCONEE has given back to me.
The accountability of a COMMUNITY of people that truly cares, supports, encourages and pushes you to be your very best. They are my FitFam and they make me better every time I walk through the doors. For me, that is what Crossfit Oconee is all about.

Dropped in this morning while visiting family and had a blast!

Such a great atmosphere–everyone was incredibly friendly and outgoing. Not to mention the programming is great! Excellent mix of strength and conditioning and “scaleable” for everyone from beginners to competitors! I left a pool of sweat on the floor and feeling like family! I highly recommend this box. You won’t be disappointed!

– Jacob C.

I wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Such a great box! I have dropped in a couple times while in town visiting family and each time everyone was so nice and welcoming AND took the time to work extra with me on my movements! Such great coaches and great community!

– Rhi D.

Had a great time working out with the guys from CrossFit Oconee while I was home visiting family.

Very welcoming and professional staff were very accommodating and accepting for a new CrossFitter like me. The solid facility and the great family of people there made me feel welcomed. I am looking forward to being back in town and to leaving some more sweat on the floor! Thanks again guys!

– JD W.




1080 Jamestown Blvd 

Watkinsville Ga, 30677
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