I Crossfit for the people I meet and workout with.

In 2013 I did not realize it, but I needed community. I joined a local Crossfit gym in Athens, GA. It was a humbling experience, but I made a couple of new friends and decided to go back. The workouts were always challenging, but my form was getting better, therefore I was becoming better at completing the workouts. This made life at the gym more fun and I noticed myself beginning to open up to people at the gym more because of it. I found myself arriving earlier and staying later just to get to know people more.

Crossfit provides a camaraderie that is hard to find with other types of gym. Although you compete with yourself and other people in the gym, you are also conquering something with them that involves physical strain and struggle. We compete with each other while we cheer for each other at the same time. We don’t try to put another down, we encourage and challenge each other to get better. You see this with Crossfit Games Level Athletes. Through this struggle, competition and encouragement friendships are built. If you visit other Crossfit Gyms you can find very similar environments.

Crossfit gyms, when run properly, promote a positive atmosphere where a member or a drop-in becomes “part of the team” or part of the “fit-fam.”

Yes, there are a lot of different options for increasing your level of fitness and staying in shape, but I prefer Crossfit Oconee.

Why? Because of my Fit-Fam!

Have fun and do your best,
—Robert Cooper