Do you have what it takes?

Some people do what it takes.  Other people just ask what it takes.  The difference is doing.

CrossFit is not easy.  People ask me all the time if CrossFit is for everyone.  As badly as I want to say yes, I cannot.  CrossFit is for anyone who has what it takes. What does it take you ask?  Well…

  • A desire to be a better person
  • The drive to be a healthier version of you
  • The drive to be a fitter version of you
  • The motivation to put in the work
  • The push to give it your best
  • The patience to work on skills
  • The need of a community of friends to get you through your workouts
  • The need for that same community to push you
  • Accountability to show up several times a week. Consistently

Do you have these things?  Great!  You will love CrossFit.  Oh but you have an old shoulder injury and cannot go overhead… or you have a knee problem and cannot run… that’s ok.  Crossfit is still for you!  If you have the qualities above, you have what it takes.  Movements can be modified for each individual.  We do it every day.

There are several athletes who cannot run.  They row.  And they row hard.  They give it their best effort.  Others cannot snatch or overhead squat.  No problem!  We give them a modification and they go after the workout just like every other athlete in the class.

Now when you ask if you have what it takes, I think you do.  The first step is to show up!  Your fellow coaches and athletes at CrossFit Oconee are waiting for you.

If you’re ready to try out your first class at CrossFit Oconee, Sign Up Today.

We can’t wait to meet you.

– Coach Natalie