We have all been caught in that trap.  The comparison trap.  I know I have been there, and the outcome is never good.

Maybe you worked out hard three days in a row, so you slept in for recovery…. Then you hear about your friends and the awesome workout they did today, and now you are beating yourself up for sleeping in.  Or maybe you felt amazing after an awesome pr on a benchmark workout, but then you check the whiteboard and you are behind 3 others who are faster and you wonder was your pr really that good…  We can start to feel like we are not good enough.  And that is not how we should feel.

We live in a world with a relentless message to work harder and do more than everyone else.  It feels like we are in a constant uphill battle.  Instead of taking those rest days, we decide to go workout so we do not miss out.  In turn we do not recover and then we perform poorly.  Or instead of celebrating our personal bests, we decide it isn’t good enough and try to figure out why.

Where is the joy in any of that?

So, can we escape the self destruction that comes with this comparison game?  Can we find peace in knowing that we are doing our best and that is enough?  Can we be proud of where we are right now?

Stop looking around you at everyone else, and start looking at yourself.  We are all different.  Our bodies are different.  Your legs are not the same as your friends therefore you may have different strengths.  Your life is not the same as your friends.  You may have stress that keeps you up and they may get 10 hours of sleep.  Your goals and your friend’s goals are different.  So do not measure yourself the same as them.

What is right for you, is right for YOU. 

Being an individual is an important part of life.  When you start to compare yourself to everyone, you start to ignore your individuality and start to group yourself with others who are not you.   Celebrate your victories, big and small!  Once you start stop comparing and start celebrating, you will realize that when others also celebrate their victories, you no longer compare and feel less than them, you actually celebrate with them.  It is joy!  And nothing should steal that from you.

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-Coach Nat