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The first saunas date back to the Finnish 10,000 years ago! So, why are they still around and popular today? Because they have incredible benefits, now backed by science. Here are the top benefits;


  • Flushing Toxins- through sweat, we release heavy metals and organic pollutants.
  • Heart & Brain Health - studies have shown 4-7 sauna sessions per week can decrease risk of cardiovascular disease related deaths by 50%and reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease by 65%!
  • Sport Endurance & Recovery - studies show sauna use increases oxygen utilization, running speed, time to exhaustion, and heat tolerance.
  • Stress Reduction - 83% of regular sauna users report improved sleep and relaxation after sauna use.

Just 10-20 minutes a day can drastically improve your health and performance inside and outside the gym doors.


Drop in- $20

Month to month membership option * Must have a current Crossfit Oconee membership

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Our coaches will lead you to success from the very minute you walk in the door by giving you a strategy session to determine a baseline of fitness, help you set short term and long term goals, then map out your initial program to take all the guess work out of getting into the best shape of your life.




1080 Jamestown Blvd 

Watkinsville Ga, 30677
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