“I have been on the CFO macro train for almost 7 months now and the difference it has made in my life is tremendous. Prior to starting the program I tried to eat healthy but did not always do that. I probably ate out more than I should have and didn’t always eat enough to sustain my activity level. Workouts were becoming tougher and tougher, and I was more tired throughout the day. I never really felt uncomfortable with how my body looked, but I definitely wanted to look better. Payton sent out a Facebook invite to join a macro group. Brooke (my wife) told me about it so we both joined. Since that decision my fitness has hit another gear. I am now eating more food, leaning out and gaining muscle. My cardio has improved and I am beginning to gain back the strength I lost due to the stroke. I actually have ab muscles now!!! That is pretty cool. My energy levels have significantly increased so I am not tired during the day and I my workouts are improving. I can actually compete with the others at the gym and not feel like I’m just getting my butt whipped. I am able to push harder and longer during workouts. I feel better and less stressed on a daily basis which are the most important parts for me. The transformation my body has made is just an added bonus! Oddly enough, I actually sleep better at night as well. For those that are considering trying the macro program, do it!! You won’t regret it.”

Thanks Payton!!