I am a “CrossFit Mom”.  It is a label I wear proudly!  Being a mom is hard work.  Really hard work.  It requires time, patience, strength, focus… you know what else is hard and requires those things?  CrossFit. 

Spending time at the box is time for myself.  Sometimes that means saying no to other things like piles of laundry or dirty dishes.  But just like motherhood, once you start, you are not allowed to quit.  You will push yourself to limits you did not know you had.  And it is rewarding.  So rewarding.  Wait, am I talking about CrossFit or being a mom?  Yes.

The thing about us moms, we can handle the pain.

We can take on challenges (two-nagers!).  We can fit things into our busy schedules.  It is what we do. 

Every. Day.  Taking care of ourselves should be a priority.

Crossfit could not be more functional.  It allows me to pick up my child, carry him on my hip, and run with him. Sure most moms can do these things, but can they do it without pain?  Or do it without needing to stop for a breath after play time. 

Giving up time during the day can be hard.  We can feel the “mom guilt” kick in.  We all have it.  I get it all the time.  But at the end of the day, taking that time for yourself makes you a better mom. 

Last, but not least, I like to remember that kids are always watching.  I have seen my son mimic a lot of the movements I do while working out.  Do I want him to follow my footsteps?  If he wants, I would love it.  But most importantly I want him to be active.  So, I try to be the best example to him. 

I know what my child needs most is for me to be strong, happy and healthy.  For me, I find that in being a mom who does Crossfit… or a CrossFitter who is a mom. 

I would love to talk to you if you’re looking to make your health a priority. If you’re looking to being a stronger, faster, more resilient (hello, #momlife) Mom, Let me introduce you to a CrossFit Mom life.

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-Coach Nat