Carbohydrates are fuel for your success

Carbohydrates are a critical part of your nutrition for fueling your body for workouts and daily energy needs. Once we understand what types of carbohydrates we need to fuel our bodies, then we can focus more on how much and when to eat them to get the most out of our workouts!

Your body needs carbohydrates for energy.

Glycogen is stored in your muscles through the digestion of carbohydrates and your body relies on this muscle glycogen for energy to carry you through workouts. Simply put, YOU NEED CARBS! Carbohydrates come in two forms: simple & complex.
Complex carbs –foods in their whole, unprocessed form (fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes)

Simple carbs – Sugars and starches that have been processed and provide almost zero nutritional value

Complex and Simple Carbs Are Cornerstones For Your Nutrition
Simple carbs raise our blood sugar levels rapidly due to body digesting them at a faster pace.

A rapid rise in blood sugar stimulates your pancreas to release insulin, which often leads to craving more sugar, making you hungrier. This is not what you want to happen. The quicker and larger the spike, the bigger crash you’ll experience later. And honestly, who likes going through that?

Complex carbs take much longer to break down and be digested. This slower process aids in keeping blood sugar levels steadier. Complex carbs also give you better sustained energy, compared to the quick burst simple carbs give.

Apples: A Crunchy Good Complex Carb
Simple carbohydrates

Complex carbohydratrates

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts
  • Oats
The more you know how simple and complex carbohydrates work, the better you can fuel your workouts for optimal success.

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To Your Success!

Coach Lauren