Finding your CrossFit home can be hard.  As an athlete and coach for 5 years at a CrossFit box in Athens, I made many friends and memories.  When I was considering a transition to a new gym, CrossFit Oconee, I was very nervous. Questions like: Will the people like me?  Will they like my coaching?  Will I fit in?  After about a week of contemplation and many emotions (I can be a bit dramatic), I decided to make a new beginning at CFO.  I will never forget the text that came across my phone screen when I made that decision…


At that moment, I knew I made the right decision.  CrossFit Oconee is not just a place to get a workout in… although I will say the coaches and programming are awesome… but that is another blog post.  It’s a place where the 5:30 morning crew is like a close-knit family and you cannot separate them.  It’s a place where the 8:30 class is like a wod with social hour built in.  It’s a place you can go to the afternoon classes after a long day of work and see people who brighten your day.

I have never left CFO without smiling.  Ever.  Never have I seen such a supportive community who genuinely cares for each other.

Family.  Home.  There is no place like it, and I’m so glad I’m part of it.

If you’re trying to find your own CrossFit home, give CrossFit Oconee a try. Sign up for a free trial, give us a try. I’d love to meet you.

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-Coach Nat