Well, it’s officially Throwback Thursday and before I head off to work, I wanted to rewind the clock to the beginning of my 6 Week Challenge with Crossfit Oconee. For those of you who don’t like reading, feel free to skip the following monologue because I feel that the pictures themselves speak volumes.

Many of you may not remember or had not seen me prior to beginning the challenge, but my results even shocked myself. It’s hard to notice the changes when you look at yourself in the mirror on a daily basis, but as I’ve learned, pictures can reveal much more about ourselves than might expect.

6 Week Challenge Results:

  • Total Weight Lost: 32 lbs
  • Beginning Weight: 235 lbs
  • Ending Weight: 203 lbs
  • Beginning Body Fat Percentage: 33.43%
  • Ending Body Fat Percentage: 22.86%

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Begin Monologue
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About two months ago, I was struggling with my nutrition and fitness. As someone who has struggled with my weight for my entire life, I was frustrated. I was killing myself going to the gym for multiple hours a day, trying to eat better, but ultimately getting no results. However, one day, I saw an advertisement in my Facebook feed about a 6 Week Crossfit challenge. It peaked my interested, but I almost didn’t sign up for the consultation out of complacency and fear of being judged. However, I talked myself into it, ultimately realizing that I needed to try a new approach and that my current regime was not working for me.

The day of my consultation came and I nearly missed it. My car battery chose that particular time to die (and I mean literally die – Jumping it off was no longer an option). After finally getting to a store, purchasing a battery, and installing it, I contemplated canceling my consultation altogether… But, something told me to see it through and to go.

Upon arriving to the gym, I was welcomed by Josh Gibson and Payton Owens and my first thought was “My lord, where is all the equipment?” Then I looked around and saw a shirtless Davis Brown and my second thought was “my lord, if crossfit can get my in half the shape that he’s in, then it is well worth the investment”. So, I signed up for the challenge with no regrets, but a lot of excitement and nervousness.

When the challenge began I met some awesome people who were in similar circumstances are me and I was thankful for the new friends in my “challenge group” in this new and unfamiliar world that we had entered.

From the beginning, the atmosphere in the gym was amazing. It felt like everyone knew everyone and that it was a close knit family. Even on day one of the challenge, I felt extremely welcomed and encouraged. People were introducing themselves to me, pushing me to keep going when I wanted to give up during the workouts, and telling me good job at the end of the day. The atmosphere was truly unlike anywhere I had ever been before. It felt great to have that sense of community and made it much easier to continue coming back even on those days where I really didn’t want to.

I came in each day of the challenge and pushed myself hard every day because I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of doing the workouts without dying (though I sometimes thought I was). I embraced the new (to me) Macro nutrition plan and started doing heavy cardio on my days off from Crossfit.

I knew that I was losing weight because, after the first several weeks, everyone around me was complimenting me. However, it wasn’t until I put the before and after picture side by side that I gained a true appreciation for what I had accomplished and how much my body had changed during the 6 Week Challenge.

Not only am I proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished, I’m extremely proud of all of the other “challengers” who completed the 6 weeks. I haven’t seen everyone’s before and after pictures yet, but I’ve seen many of them and the results are stunning.

Erika Lowe Maher, I know it wasn’t a competition, but you were the one person who I always challenged myself to keep pace with. You’re an amazing athlete with incredible drive and I can’t wait to see your before and after pics the next time that I see you.

Marissa Jones, I’m so glad that I bumped into you during a 5:30am Crossfit session. I had no idea that we were doing the challenge together and reconnecting with you has been so much fun! I know that we will each continue to push and motivate each other on our fitness journeys. Also, you are looking amazing and I look forward to future workouts with you!

Scott Duvall, I had the privilege of seeing your before and after pictures already and you are looking great man! Thank you so much for being my partner on multiple occasions and it’s been awesome getting to know you and growing with you.

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone at Crossfit Oconee. There are far too many people to give shoutouts to here, but everyone has been so encouraging and welcoming and I look forward to getting to know each of you more in the future. I told Payton before, but this experience with Crossfit Oconee has literally changed my life and I feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to do the 6 week challenge. Honestly, I probably never would have tried Crossfit if I had not signed up for the 6 week challenge and I’m so grateful that I found it and that all of you guys are so awesome that it keeps newbies like me coming back.”