We’ve all been there!  You’re in the middle of a grueling WOD (Workout of the Day) and all you want to do is stop.  Thoughts come racing in: “skip some reps”, “just call it a day”, “rest just a little longer”, along with a million others (that might not be appropriate for this page, LOL).  I just want you to know that it’s completely normal, and we all have those thoughts.  There are many ways to get through those moments, but here are 4 simple and straight-forward tips for pushing through a tough wod:

1. Don’t Turn Away From The Exercise

As simple as this sounds, you’d be surprised how much we stumble around and waste time during a WOD.  I like to joke about this one, but it’s that “GET BACK TO THE BAR” mentality!  By staying focused either on the bar your working with or whatever the exercise, you are physically and mentally committing to finishing the work!

2. Do All The Work (No Matter How Hard!)

Try to stay focused on completing the exercises and reps exactly as they are written in the workout!  There will be modifications you go over with your coach about, depending on mobility and strength, but I encourage you to COMPLETE ALL THE REPS with those modifications!  There’s a sense of accomplishment, when you know you are doing the work correctly, and you’re not cheating yourself!  This leads to confidence both during the WOD and after!

3. Just…Keep…Moving

This one can be tough.  But it’ll get you through.  It doesn’t matter how slow, just keep moving.  You’d be surprised what your body is capable of when your mind tells you it’s done!

4. Know Your WHY!

Yes, this one sounds a bit cliché and chances are you’ve heard it a million times.  But, if it didn’t work, it probably wouldn’t get repeated!  Know what brought you to fitness in the first place.  Remember that when you’re ready to give up.

Remember these four tips the next time you come across a workout that isn’t as “easy” as you expected it to be. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing payton@crossfitoconee.com or contacting us here: https://crossfitoconee.com/contact-us/

Looking forward to seeing you push through your next tough workout,

Coach Callis